Yago Domínguez takes the podium at the Tapia Goanna Pro surfing

The surfer of RAW Super Drink gets access to his first final in La Liga

From April 18 to 20, Tapia de Casariego (Asturias) it was the place in the 28th edition of Tapia Goanna Pro with the presence of the best Spanish surfers.

More than 200 surfers gathered in this third scoring round for the Spanish Championship of La Liga Iberdrola Fesurfing; among them, the surfer of the team RAW Super Drink, Yago Domínguez.

The surfers had to squeeze to the maximum to get the pass to the final on Sunday and where the entry of a swell allowed the competitors to give free rein to their best surfing. In the men's category, the Brazilian Rafa Teixeira got a deserved victory, followed by the canary Luis Diaz. Yago Domínguez would reach the third position of the podium, being a great result for the San Sebastian who gets for the first time to a final in La Liga.

Domínguez would comment after getting on the podium: "I'm happy with my surfing throughout the championship, with two third places in the Under 18 and Open category. Zorionak to all the finalists."

The Tapia Goanna Pro met expectations and managed to enjoy the hundreds of fans present in the Asturian town.

The competition also honored brothers Peter and Robert Gulley. The Australians arrived 50 years ago to Tapia and are considered the pioneers of surfing on this Asturian coast.

Results Men Open:

  1. Rafa Teixeira

  2. Luis Díaz

  3. Yago Domínguez (RAW SUPER DRINK)

  4. Yael Peña