Oualid Nassiri


Oualid Nassiri is a marathon runner from head to feet, and that is to say, because he is almost 2 meters tall.

This runner, capable of running more than 42 km in the same race, has made his passion for the sport his current job. Today, Oualid is one of the coaches of Nike Box Barcelona Runners, so we are sure that if you live in Barcelona, ​​you have seen this athlete training in the streets. Oualid has participated in different marathons but it is the Berlin one that he remembers with special admiration. A marathoner must have a formidable physical capacity and a clear psychic ability and, without a doubt, Oualid has these qualities.

In his nearest future, this runner has the desire to continue traveling the world over his training shoes. Oualid, we hope you have free space in the passport because we are sure that you will put up a fight all over the world.