Melania Suárez


Melania Suárez, called Meli by her friends in a lovely way, is one of the names that you must remember if you love the surf scene.

This surfer with only 12 years old was classified to participate in the final of the Volcom World Circuit for girls under 21 years old, which was celebrated in lowers California. This surfer remembers with particular enthusiasm this competition due to the fact that with her early age was able to compete and fight against other great surfers. The Projunior Championship held in Portugal this year is another of the competitions that she remembers with more emotion, owing to the victory that she achieved with only 15 years old.

This surfer trains between 3 and 4 hours a day owing to the fact that to achieve these victories requires a great involvement.

Melanie, carry on being on the crest of the biggest waves!