Javier Alonso


Javier Alonso, Mountain Bike rider, dedicates both his professional life and his staff to the world of cycling. In his professional life he has obtained excellent results such as two European Elite Biketrial Championships, a world subchampionship and a Spanish Championship. Among these achievements, Javi remembers with particular enthusiasm the victory of the European championship of Sweden 2011, where he was fighting with the world champion and the result was decided by zeros. Who is not willing to risk everything, is not ready to win nothing, and Javier knows it very clear. As for his personal life, this Mountain Bike rider is manager of Monty Factory Team and director of Sensey TrialSkool, the latter one, it's one of his main passions, due to the fact that he dedicates a large part of his time to the training of his little future champions.

Despite his busy life, Javier spends about four hours a day training, because being at the top of the sports world has a price and this is perseverance and sweat.

Javi, who does not take risk does not win, so keep risking everything!