Jaime Fernández (Jimbox)


Jaime Fernández, also known as Jim-Box on social networks, is one of the bravest surfing sup of the current surfing scene and if you want to corroborate it, you just have to enter his Instagram to see his impressive photographs, although we warn you that his photos are not suitable to heart patients.

Jim-Box has not been very linked to the world of competition, however, the times he has been competing, he has achieved really good results such as an eleventh position in the European Sup Surfing Contest. Besides, this surfer loves to beat his own records. It is difficult to get bigger and better, but not impossible, and he knows it. Jaime just needed a paddle surf board and his favourite motivation phrase "humans get to the moon, so I can handle this little problem" to catch a 25-foot wave in Lastres in a free session.

Jaime, see you on the crest of the wave, if it is possible, of the biggest one!