Harry Timson

United Kingdom

Harry Timson, nicknamed as Hazzatron by his friends in a funny way, is one of the best surfers that has emerged from the uk scene in recent years.

This surfer catched with only 3 years old his first wave, date that he remembers with emotion due to the fact that it marked his sports career.

This rider is one of the most renowned surfers at national level thanks to the impressive track record that he has been accumulating during these years. Among his victories we can find 5 British surf championships. Furthermore, this surfer remembers with particular enthusiasm the European VQS Championship where he got the first position.

Harry combines 4 hours of surf training with 2 hours of gym everyday owing to the fact that to achieve these victories requires a great involvement.

Harry, carry on being the first of UK and, if it is possible, of the world!