Pilates and Yoga instructor

Elvira Ràfols


Elvira Ràfols is a Pilates and Yoga instructor born in Barcelona, Catalonia. She defines herself as a dance passionate and it's not surprising that she started dancing when she was only a girl.

Elvira got started with Pilates when she found out that this discipline could help improve her dancing skills but she didn't expect that she would become a Pilates passionate too!

Since that moment, Elvira decided that she would take pilates to another level by innovating with different forms of this beautiful discipline. For example, she instructs  SUP and TRX Pilates and the newest Pilates Skate Core, which is proving to be very successful among her adepts.

Apart from being so talented at pilates, Elvira recently started with pole sport and pole dance and she's making an amazing progress!

Elvira, keep doing what you love because we know you will achieve what you have set your mind to!.